Below you will find a list of the history of WAAVP conferences. Where available, we have linked additional information such as proceedings, abstract books, program, photos, etc. Where links are not available currently, stay tuned. We’re gathering this information from many sources and will update as we do. If you have items you can contribute from any of these conferences, please share by sending us an email.
31 Berlin, Germany 2027 TBD  
30 Curitiba, Brazil August 17-21, 2025 TBD  
29 Chennai, India August 20-24, 2023 Parasites: Global Impacts, Local Solutions  
28 Dublin, Ireland July 19-22, 2021 Parasitologists without Borders  
27 Madison, USA July 7-11, 2019 Sifting and Winnowing the Evidence in Veterinary Parasitology  
26  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 4-8, 2017 Combating Zoonoses: Strength in East-West Partnerships  
25 Liverpool, UK August 16-20, 2015 Looking to the Future  
24 Perth, Australia August 25-29, 2013    
23 Buenos Aires, Argentina August 21-25, 2011    
22 Calgary, Canada August 9-13, 2009 One World. One Health. Parasites in a Changing Landscape  
21 Ghent,Belgium August 19-23, 2007    
20 Christchurch, New Zealand 2005    
19 New Orleans, USA August 10-14, 2003 Old Dreams–New Visions  
18 Stresa, Italy August 26-30, 2001 Promoting Advancement - Preserving Tradition  
17 Copenhagen, Denmark August 15-19, 1999 Parasites, Production, Environment  
16 Sun City, South Africa August 10-15,1997 Veterinary Parasitology into the 21st Century  
15 Yokohama, Japan August 30-September 2, 1995 Control of Parasitic Diseases, Food Safety and the Environment  
14 Cambridge, UK August 8-13, 1993 Understanding and Control of Parasitic Diseases of Animals  
13 Berlin, West Germany August 7011, 1989 Ecology and Epidemiology of Internal and External Parasitic infections  
12 Montreal, Canada August 12-15, 1987 New Approaches in the Diagnosis and Control of Parasitic Diseases  
11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 5-9, 1985 Antiparasitic drugs and Progress of Research in Veterinary Parasitology  
10 Perth, Australia August 18-20, 1983 Tropical Parasitosis of Animals Including Zoonoses  
9 Budapest, Hungary July 13-17, 1981 Ecology of Parasites. Interaction Between Parasites and their Environments  
8 Sydney, Australia July 11-15, 1977 Epidemiology, Economic Impact and Control of Parasitic Diseases  
7 Thessaloniki, Greece July 14-16, 1975 Pathophysiology of Parasitic Infections  
6 Vienna, Austria September 18-20, 1973 Parasitic Zoonoses  
5 Mexico City, Mexico August 23-24, 1971 Immunity Against Animal Parasites  
4 Glasgow, Scotland August 26-28, 1969 Pathology of Parasitic Diseases  
3 Lyon, France July 26-27, 1967 Veterinary Importance Reactions of the Host to Parasitism  
2 Philadelphia, USA September 7-9, 1965    
1 Hannover, West Germany August 24-25, 1963 The Evaluation of Anthelmintics  

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