Creation Procedure

Procedure for Preparation, Adoption and Publication of WAAVP Guidelines on Parasiticides

1.1. Standing Committees.

There shall be a Standing Committee on Anthelmintics, one on Ectoparasiticides and one on Anti-protozoal compounds. Each Standing Committee should consist of three persons and members of these Committees should be members of WAAVP. The Chairperson of a Standing Committee and its members will be appointed by the WAAVP Executive Committee. Standing Committees will propose for approval by the Executive Committee the development of new and the revision of existing guidelines.

1.2. Guideline Committees.

A Standing Committee should appoint, in consultation with the President of WAAVP, a Chairperson of a Guidelines Committee who shall be a member of WAAVP. The Chairperson of a Guidelines Committee may be a member of a Standing Committee. The Chairperson of the Standing Committee and the Chairman of Guidelines Committee should finalize a list of experts who will be members of that Committee. Guideline Committees will prepare the guidelines.

2. Preparation of a Guideline by a WAAVP Expert Committee.

The Chairperson, Standing Committee should invite the experts to be members of a Guideline Committee, outline the mandate for the committee and the expected time for completion of the final document. The Chairperson, Guidelines Committee should assume responsibility for developing the guidelines and should submit a manuscript on the guidelines to the Chairperson, Standing Committee.

3. Review of a Guideline.

A Standing Committee should choose a number of experts who are not members of the Guideline Committee and these experts and members of the Standing Committee should be the reviewers of the manuscript. The Chairperson, Standing Committee will function as an Editor in inviting the reviewers to submit their comments and in organizing the recommendations received so that they can be considered appropriately by the Guideline Committee.

4. Final Approval of a Guideline.

The Chairperson, Guideline Committee will ensure that a final manuscript is prepared and submitted to the Chairperson, Standing Committee for acceptance by the Standing Committee and the WAAVP Executive Committee.

5. Publication of the Guideline.

5.1. Submission for Publication.

After approval by the Executive Committee, the Chairperson, Standing Committee will submit the manuscript to the Editor, Veterinary Parasitology for publication.

5.2. Regulations for Publication,

  1. Title of the Guideline: World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (W.A.A.V.P.) Guidelines for Evaluating the Efficacy of (remainder of title to be inserted)*
  2. Authors of the Guideline: Chairperson (first author) and members of the Guideline Committee arranged alphabetically.
  3. Acknowledgements: The names of the W.A.A.V. P. Executive Committee., the Standing Committee on (insert name of appropriate committee) Guidelines and of all reviewers must be listed (see Veterinary Parasitology 30: 71, 1988, for format).

*Footnote: Approved by the W.A.A.V.P. Executive Committee and W.A.A.V.P. Standing Committee on (insert name of appropriate committee) Guidelines.
These Guidelines are approved by the WAAVP Executive Committee. Guidelines were first approved in August 1985, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Subsequent revisions and approvals were: August 1993, Cambridge, United Kingdom