Excellence in Research, Teaching or Service

Closing date for the next round of nominations: 31st December 2020

These two, separate awards are presented every two years to honour contributions to: Research in Veterinary Parasitology or Outstanding Contributions to Veterinary Parasitology.

For the research award, the candidate should have carried out research that is recognised as outstanding and made a significant to the advancement of knowledge in veterinary parasitology and /or the control of parasitic diseases.

For the award for Outstanding Contributions to Veterinary Parasitology, activities may include service or teaching that are recognised as excellent and significant to the promotion, support, teaching or learning, broadly defined, of veterinary parasitology.

Any member of the WAAVP may nominate a candidate by forwarding a letter describing the candidate’s qualifications for the specific award.

The nominator should arrange for a copy of the nominee’s Curriculum vitae and five (5) letters in support of the nomination to be sent to the Secretary/ Treasurer.

The letter should indicate clearly either:

  • Outstanding contribution to research, the impact on the field and other evidence of the recognition of the research
  • Outstanding service, promotion, support, teaching, contributions to training or teaching material in veterinary parasitology.


Awards won previously:

YearResearchTeaching or Service
1993James ArmourEJ Lawson Soulsby
1995Jitender P DubeyJaques Euzeby
1997Maxwell MurrayPeter Nansen
1999Desmond HennessyJohannes Eckert
2001Roger PrichardGerhard Shad
2003Peter WallerNot awarded
2005RC Andrew ThompsonNot awarded
2007Not awardedPeter Holdsworth
2009Robin GasserNot awarded
2011Jozef VercruysseLydden Polley
2013Richard WallRoger Prichard
2015Carlos LanusseNot awarded
2017Peter DeplazesNot awarded
2019Domenico OtrantoNot awarded