Honorary Member

Guidelines for the Nomination and Election of Honorary Members

Honorary Membership of the WAAVP shall be conferred on persons who have contributed in a distinguished manner to the advancement of Veterinary Parasitology.  Such persons need not be veterinarians or members of the WAAVP.

Such distinguished contributions shall include research, teaching, distinction in the form of scholarly publications, administration of programmes of an outstanding national or international nature pertinent to the advancement of Veterinary Parasitology or political activity resulting in such outstanding programmes.  A combination of two or more of the above shall be considered as evidence sufficient for consideration of Honorary Membership.

There shall be no restriction in the number of Honorary Members and the highest standards shall be used for selection of candidates.

The conferment of Honorary Membership shall be decided by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee of the WAAVP on the nomination and recommendation of an Honorary Membership Committee consisting of a Chairperson and two long standing members of the WAAVP.

The Honorary Membership Committee shall solicit names, supported by a statement of justification for consideration as Honorary Members through an announcement in the Newsletter of the WAAVP but also shall consider names in addition to those obtained by such solicitation.

The Honorary Membership Committee shall consider proposals for honorary membership at least every two years and shall make recommendations accordingly.  Except, that in special circumstances the Honorary Membership Committee may nominate and recommend a person for consideration as an Honorary Member to the Executive Committee on an emergency basis, at any time.

Honorary Members shall be exempt from annual subscriptions.

Members of the Honorary Membership Committee shall hold office for a period of four years and shall be eligible for appointment for one further period of membership.  Appointment to the Committee shall be by the Executive Committee of the WAAVP.

These Guidelines are approved by the WAAVP Executive Committee.  Guidelines were originally approved in 1967.  Subsequent revisions were on August 8, 1993, Cambridge, UK and August 29, 1995, Yokohama, Japan.

Honorary Members and the year awarded are as follows

1967K.I. Skrjabin* (SU), B. Schwartz* (USA), W. Stefanski* (Poland)
1975N.R. Stoll* (USA), R. Wetzel* (Germany), V.S. Ershov* (SU)
1981M Abdussalam* (Switzerland), K.Enigk* (Germany), H.McL Gordon* (Aust)
1983N.D. Levine* (USA), D.F. Stewart* (Aust)
1985E.J.L Soulsby* (UK)
1987J. Euzeby* (France), Dr R Supperer
1993C. Campbell (USA), B. Bezubik* (Poland), M. Cordero del Campillo (Spain)
1995J. Armour (UK), J. Eckert (Switzerland), S.M. Gaafar (USA), G. Luffau (France), G.M. Urquhart* (UK)
1997T. Hiepe (Germany), A. Donald (Australia), J. Boray (Australia), J.O.D Slocombe (Canada)
1999T. Kassai (Hungary), C. Himonas* (Greece), W. Mulligan (UK)
2001J. Duncan (UK), I.G. Horak (Rep. Sth Africa), P. Nansen* (Denmark), G. Schad* (USA)
2003J. Williams (USA), M. Eysker (Netherlands)
2005S. Taylor (UK)
2007D. Jacobs (UK)
2009F. Borgsteede (Netherlands), F. Jackson (UK)
2011I. Beveridge (Australia), K. Fujisaki (Japan), L. Gasbarre (USA)
2015Tom Klei, (USA) E. Lyons (USA), Tom Craig (USA), JP Dubey (USA), Roger Prichard (CAN), Jozef Vercruysse (BEL), TB Stewart (USA)
2017C. Arme (UK), I.L. Owen (Australia)
2019Dr Panchadcharam Chandrawathani, Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia
2019Professor Rosina (Tammi) Krecek, Research Professor of Global One Health, Office of the Dean, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA
2019Dr. Ann R. Donoghue, Donoghue Consulting, LLC, Fort Collins, Co